Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Your Best Friend In An Accident

If you ask the question, we are pretty sure most people will say that the people who can help them the most in an accident is the hospital staff. While it is true that doctors and nurses can help a great deal in alleviating pain, if you don’t have any money, you won’t even be able to meet these people. This is the reason we like to say that in an accident, your best friend is a personal injury attorney.

This is true even if your injuries do not warrant a lawsuit. People who meet an accident need to report it to their insurance companies. Insurance companies, precisely because accidents involve paying out large sums of money, will do everything they can to justify non-payment or at the very least pay the lowest amount possible.

The people who do the dirty work are the adjusters and the lawyers. Adjusters are the opposite of actuaries in that they calculate how much to pay in a claim. An adjuster will talk to you when you file a claim. Be careful, though, because the typical adjuster is trained to make you say things that have a direct impact on how much you get paid, or if you will be paid at all. Sad but true.

On the other hand, a lawyer usually gets involved if there is a large sum involved and there is a chance the insurance company would be sued. Like the adjuster, a lawyer for the insurance company Is trained to make you say things that will haunt you later on.


If you have a lawyer, you don’t need to deal with the representatives of your insurance company directly. Your lawyer can lock horns with your insurance company so that you are paid what you are due and more.


Where can you find a personal injury lawyer? You can find law firms by doing a Google search for an accident lawyer and adding the name of your local area. Take note, though, search engine results only show the individual websites of the attorneys in your area.

You will have to go through the different results and do research on the different law firms to see which ones are the most experienced and, more important, have a reputation of making insurance companies pay more than what they initially offered claimants. It’s not fun doing research on lawyers especially if you are in pain.

In order to make your life easier, you might want to check out websites that feature peer-reviewed attorneys. You can go to FindLaw and other similar websites. If not, then ask for recommendations from your family or friends.


No matter what you do, make sure to sit down in consultation with at least three lawyers before deciding on who to hire, even if you are hurting physically. If you rush, it can be an expensive mistake, and you could be left with regret. If you’re not able to do it yourself, then have a representative do it for you.




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